CHMS - 21st June 2019
This week has definitely been an exciting week. Hopefully everyone is able to enjoy the changes made this week.
NEW: BETA Features
We added a new Settings page, under Settings > BETA, where super-admins can go in and enable specific BETA features in their account. As time goes on, the list of BETA features will change and update according to what's available.
Super-admins can choose to enable/disable specific features as well as choosing access permissions that can choose to use these new BETA features, or specific users by name.
NEW: Edit Multiple Services Rebuild BETA
The first such BETA feature we've launched, is the Edit Multiple Services rebuild. This largely focuses on improving the page loading speed of the Edit Multiple Services tool, but also has some nice little features like the ability to bookmark a URL to easily be able to go in and load the next 4 weeks of services of a particular service type and location.
NEW: People List BETA
The second BETA feature to release is the start of a rebuild of our People List. This makes a massive speed improvement for this page for churches with more than 5,000 members. Some churches should see page load times drop from 5+ minutes, to under 2 seconds. It also helps with sorting of special characters like Ö etc.
As always we worked on some bugs as well!
  • Fixed an issue in the Events list where clicking on sub-pages for an event would give a 404 error on mobiles
  • Fixed an issue with the Member area Financials view telling people the wrong information about how much was left to pay for Pledges
Behind the Scenes
We're continuing to work on improvements to Groups, such as getting the message board into the mobile app, as well as submitting group attendance via the app as well. Hopefully you'll see these in the coming few months.
We're also working on making the connections between our different products more streamlined and easy to setup.
More updates to come next week!
-- Stewart