My church really enjoys using our custom Tithely App. The #1 point of feedback I receive is that the notifications mechanism is not intuitive. If users do not click on the push notification at the moment they receive the push, they often do not know how to find the message again in the app and it just gets lost.
It would make a huge difference to be able to put the Inbox as a Tab on the Home screen (I would happily give up one of the 5 spaces for the Inbox.)
Additionally, it would also make a huge difference if that Inbox tab on the Home screen also showed a status indicator of 'X' unread messages.
This way a user opening the app would have a very intuitive path to seeing unread notifications--plus, they are also used to this since that is how their devices work with notifications (as well as every social platform that gives notifications).
Right now the design is such that if they don't respond immediately to a push notification, roughly half of our people never see that information because they don't know how to find it or remember that there is information they need to look for.
An improvement along these lines would be a big deal to our communication efforts.
Thanks for a great product and for always working to improve it!