Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


This release simplifies Church Apps user management. Now, Church App customers will be able to manage their admins and users directly within their Tithely Account instead of having to manage them in their Church Apps dashboard.
This update adds simplicity and ease to the process of setting up users and means you can give access to church apps without giving access to financial data, making your Church App management even more secure. Click here to learn more.
Now your church members can easily sign-up or sign-in to your Church App without a password! The new flow allows users to sign in with phone verification or email link, providing a modern and convenient authentication process.
Additionally, the implementation includes user-friendly designs and options for a seamless experience. Click here to learn more.
Exciting News! We just updated our Unsubscribe report so that you can understand why people unsubscribe from your church’s emails.
What’s New:
Now when people go to unsubscribe from your email communication, we will prompt them with a list of reasons for unsubscribing. You can then access this data by heading to the existing Unsubscribe report where a newly added column shows the reason each person unsubscribed.
Understanding why people unsubscribe from your emails will help continually shape and improve your church’s communication strategy! It can help you understand if you are sending too many emails. Or it can help you keep your member database up-to-date by understanding who is no longer attending your church. For more questions about the Unsubscribe report, check out this article!
We have a few small, but helpful updates in Elvanto this week!
First, we have 2 updates to the Events area!
And we have one update to our mass manage of groups.
In order to help you make Elvanto secure, you can now enforce Multi-Factor Authentication for all users. Enforcing MFA can help you create a more secure system for your member data and help you comply with various security laws (like the GDPR in the EU).
Admins can now enforce MFA for their choice of:If you have any questions about MFA, check out this article.
We’re always looking for ways to improve your Elvanto experience. Now, you have improved options for filtering and searching for Financial Transactions within Elvanto.
Gone are the days of exporting your data to Excel! You can now filter based on a specific date range or within a specific dollar-amount.
We've made it easier for you to load the Service Individual Attendance report. This is especially exciting news for our larger churches who had trouble getting this report to load.
Now you can view the total amount of services each member has attended in total across over hundreds or even thousands of services.
P.S. To load the report like before, simply head to the Service Individual Attendance report settings and check “Show Individual Service Grid.”
This new Elvanto update allows you to respond to any security incidents you may face internally or with other vendors by immediately revoking access via their old API key and generating a new, secure one.
To learn how to regenerate your API key, check out this article.
Our RockRMS integration has officially launched in Giving 2.0.
RockRMS is an open source church management system that focuses on new ministry-empowering innovations. The Rock platform is fully-featured to help build a thriving community. When using RockRMS, churches can process giving and event registrations through Tithely.
For all the details of how to integrate your RockRMS account with Tithely, check out this article.
We just released a brand new widget for your Giving Dashboard!
This new widget allows you to identify and appreciate those who have made significant contributions to your church's mission and impact. By utilizing this widget, you can gain a deeper understanding of your donors' giving patterns, and recurring donations.
Your top 5 donors are shown in the preview. To view all your top donors, simply click View All. Once you're viewing all you can click through the pages or export the information into a document format.
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