Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Our Faith Teams integration has been updated and brought into the Giving 2.0 system.
Faith Teams is an all-in-one church management software which includes attendance tracking, kids check-in, automated guest follow-up, volunteer scheduling and management, and more.
With this update, we’ve added in the ability to have organization settings, location settings, and a dashboard of activity. To learn more on how to integrate your Faith Teams and Tithely account, click here.
Exciting news! Elvanto’s new Drag-and-Drop Email Editor is here!
new people mockup
Here’s what you can expect with the new Drag-and-Drop Email Editor:
  • A Comprehensive Library of Templates: No more starting from scratch. Choose from our extensive library of professionally designed templates and tweak them as you please, or create your own and save them for future use.
  • Easy Editing: Quickly customize email headers, text, and images with ease by simply dragging the elements to your email.
  • AI-Powered Smart Functionality: From rephrasing your text, summarizing long emails or adjusting the tone to make it friendlier or formal, our intelligent tools help you overcome writer's block.
Head to the Emails & Letters area of Elvanto and click the new Design Templates button to get started!
Our CCB integration has officially launched in Giving 2.0.
Church Community Builder unifies your church communications by using text messages, mail merge, and church text notifications. By integrating with CCB, you are able to have a seamless integration where your giving and church management are all in one place.
This new integration allows you to see what has been sent in your integration, connect funds and donors to help mitigate issues and adjust settings within your account.
To learn how to set up your CCB and Tithely integration, click here.
We are constantly working to make Elvanto run smoothly in order to create a stress-free admin experience. We've rolled out some valuable changes to our People Beta design to make it the best People experience for admins in Elvanto.
Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 10
We’ve worked hard to make sure everything you love about our People area is in People Beta, which is why we’ve introduced a table view with column sorting and sticky column headings that are visible no matter how far down you scroll.
In addition to that, we’ve updated People Beta with these new updates:
  • Updated infrastructure that allows our People BETA area to easily load 500 records per page with no lag.
  • Larger profile pics with rounded squares
  • Updated navigation for filtering reporting to make it easier to use
If you aren’t using People Beta and want to try it, navigate to People > People Beta in your admin sidebar navigation to check it out!
Our new Basic Template in our Giving Statement tool makes creating Giving Statements way easier for you! We’ve simplified our old template so that you can create these templates with ease and efficiency.
What’s new?
  • A new streamlined "Basic Template" with simplified settings
  • Adding a church logo is much easier.
  • See what things will look like as you change them instead of having to preview them separately!
  • For Canadian customers, the new template meets all the Canadian tax statement requirements without having to adjust and add things manually.
For more information, check out this article!
We’re always working to improve your Elvanto experience, and that means making even the small things better! We’ve added a Forgot Password option to the login page to the mobile app to help you access the mobile app.
image (1)
What’s New?
Now, when you land on the login screen of our Elvanto mobile app, you’ll have the option to select Forgot Password and reset your account! Once you’ve clicked Forgot Password, Elvanto will send you an email to easily reset your account.
Have questions about resetting your password?
Click here.
An exciting new Giving update! Donors can now manually add their bank account as a payment method and verify it using Stripe's micro-deposit process.
Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 4
What’s New:
  • Donors can now enter their bank routing and account numbers and manually verify their bank account as a payment method.
Most donors will directly link their bank account to using their bank login details, but for those donors whose banks do not support this feature, manual verification now gives them the ability to use their bank account to fund their gifts.
We are so excited to announce that in Elvanto you now have the ability to duplicate your services! Being able to quickly create a copy of an existing service and replicate key details means that you can reduce the time spent on service planning.
The Service Duplication feature enables admins to duplicate an existing service with information like service times, descriptions, plan items, songs and their attachments, as well as notes and descriptions for each service item.
duplicate services
What’s new?
Now, under Actions in each service, there is a “Duplicate Service” option allowing you to create a copy of the service to use as a starting point for the new service! Keep reading for some important details about duplicating your services.
What Gets Duplicated:
  • Service Times and Descriptions: The specific times and descriptions set for the original service are duplicated.
  • Plan Items: All items in the service plan, including songs and attachments.
  • Notes and Descriptions: Any notes and detailed descriptions associated with each service item.
What Doesn’t Get Duplicated:
  • Overall 'Service Files': These files are not included in the duplication process.
  • Comments on Service Items: Comments from the original service are not duplicated.
  • Volunteer Rostering and Previous Service Data: This includes any reporting or check-in data related to the original service.
After you duplicate you can edit the service to your liking! Happy service planning and if you have any questions, please contact support here.
This release simplifies Church Apps user management. Now, Church App customers will be able to manage their admins and users directly within their Tithely Account instead of having to manage them in their Church Apps dashboard.
This update adds simplicity and ease to the process of setting up users and means you can give access to church apps without giving access to financial data, making your Church App management even more secure. Click here to learn more.
Now your church members can easily sign-up or sign-in to your Church App without a password! The new flow allows users to sign in with phone verification or email link, providing a modern and convenient authentication process.
Additionally, the implementation includes user-friendly designs and options for a seamless experience. Click here to learn more.
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