ChMS - 16th August 2019
This week we've been spending a lot of time getting work done on "Behind the Scenes" tasks that will allow us to launch new features soon. Unfortunately these won't be super visible just yet, but stay patient as we'll get them out soon!
Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes, we've been working on the following areas:
  • We've been continuing work this week on building a new method for selecting people views, and choosing the desired filters, when in the People Area. Expect to see this in the People BETA too.
  • We've also been continuing work on a new "Group Member Signup" feature.
Stay tuned to hear more about these as part of a future update!
Bug Fixes
In addition to the above news, we also fixed the following bugs:
  • Fixed an issue with conflicts in a single service with multiple times not being calculated correctly
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to update your and your family members address details at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where sending an email and an SMS at the same time with the password_url placeholder would invalidate the links incorrectly
ChMS - 9th August, 2019
Another Weekly ChMS update!
Behind the scenes this week we've been continuing work on a number of upcoming features.
  • Group Member Signup
  • Group Attendance in the Mobile App
  • Group Messaging in the Mobile App
  • New People system's View / Filter choice options
  • Getting Service Plan elements into the new Edit Multiple Services tool
Keep an eye out for more news for these items.
BETA Improvements
  • Inactive volunteers no longer appear in the scheduling area of the new Edit Multiple Services tool
UI Improvements
  • Mailchimp Errors are no longer blocking, so Mailchimp errors will no longer prevent people from having their profiles updated.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with people being able to remove family member names entirely
  • Fixed an issue with admins unable to submit unavailability for scheduled volunteers
  • Fixed an issue with declined volunteers counting as scheduled for unavailability submissions
  • Fixed an issue with conflicts between a single service not being checked correctly when the service has multiple times
CHMS - 2nd August, 2019
This week largely focused on improvements to the BETA Edit Multiple Services and People, and a number of bug fixes, with continued work happening behind the scenes on future updates that you'll see shortly!
BETA Improvements
  • Improved Timezone Handling in Edit Multiple Services
  • Improved handling of scheduling conflicting volunteers
  • Improved Page controls of new People Page
UI Improvements
  • Added quick "Formatting" dropdown in email editor to allow quickly changing text from a paragraph to various types of headers.
  • Made filter options between Songs list and Adding Songs to services more consistent
  • Removed "Billing and Plan" access permission option for accounts on the Tithely Plans.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with services tied to deleted locations displaying the wrong location name when editing the service
  • Fixed an issue with pages not appearing in member area navigation menus correctly
  • Fixed an issue with applying service times to volunteers, applying incorrectly for multi-time services
  • Fixed an issue with the Family Contact Details field not displaying Birthday data correctly
  • Fixed an issue with archived groups appearing in "Lockdown" options in various place
  • Fixed an issue with the Events "Guests" page not sorting correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the Member Directory including Archived groups in it's lockdowns
  • Fixed an issue with ICS files not always having the correct URL for events
CHMS - 26th July, 2019
BETA Improvements
  • Improved the page controls for our People Beta
  • Fixed Timezone issues with Edit Multiple Services Beta
  • Fixed adding/deleting service times in Edit Multiple Service Beta applying times to volunteers incorrectly
Other Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with archived groups appearing in a few places they shouldn’t
  • Fixed an issue with the Guests table in events not sorting correctly
  • Fixed an issue with iCal subscription feeds not having proper urls
  • Fixed an issue with the filtering of songs when adding toa service
  • Fixed an issue with the Family Contact Details field displaying incorrectly
ChMS - 19th July, 2019
BETA Improvements/Fixes
  • Improved dragging of volunteers in Edit Multiple Services in Firefox
  • Fixed displaying of Department fields in People Beta
  • Updated list of timezone names for certain countries
  • Improved page loading times for the Group Reporting page
  • Fixed an issue where pledges where imported with incorrect end dates
  • Fixed an issue where the "Add Posts" button wasn't appearing
  • Fixed an issue with being able to search for fields with ?
ChMS - 12th July, 2019
It appears that I forgot to write a change log for last week... so this week's entry includes the things that changed in the last week as well.
  • Improved handling of start times in events adjusting the end time to suit
  • Improved handling of Chord Charts to accept chords such as
  • Fixed an issue with certain Russian Timezones not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue in the existing people area when sorting by notes
  • Fixed an issue with BETA Edit Multiple Services not displaying volunteers on Draft services
  • Fixed an issue with BETA Edit Multiple Services not displaying volunteers for services in the past
  • Fixed an issue with BETA Edit Multiple Services not letting you save end times correctly
  • Fixed an issue with BETA Edit Multiple Services filtering available volunteers incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with V1 API accepting invalid people data
  • Fixed an issue with V1 API accepting invalid financial account UUIDs
  • Fixed an issue with contacting guests of an event with no guests
ChMS - 28th June 2019
Quieter week this week for ChMS, but still some things to report on.
As always, we made some general improvements that should help everyone out.
  • Made some improvements to Admin Side check-in that should speed up individual check-ins by up to 30%
  • Improved display of the
    button for Calendar Events on Mobile devices
People BETA
As well as continuing to work on improved functionality for the new People system, we fixed a few issues that were raised with us.
  • Fixed an issue where it was constantly giving you a message saying you had no access, when you did have access
  • Improved the layout of fields, if the Name and/or Photo fields weren't included in the fields to display.
Other Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with song files for songs with / \ or ' in the file name.
  • Fixed an issue with the mobile app displaying the wrong service time in the list of service requests
  • Fixed an issue with locked down users creating multiple "Default Calendars" when they created new events
CHMS - 21st June 2019
This week has definitely been an exciting week. Hopefully everyone is able to enjoy the changes made this week.
NEW: BETA Features
We added a new Settings page, under Settings > BETA, where super-admins can go in and enable specific BETA features in their account. As time goes on, the list of BETA features will change and update according to what's available.
Super-admins can choose to enable/disable specific features as well as choosing access permissions that can choose to use these new BETA features, or specific users by name.
NEW: Edit Multiple Services Rebuild BETA
The first such BETA feature we've launched, is the Edit Multiple Services rebuild. This largely focuses on improving the page loading speed of the Edit Multiple Services tool, but also has some nice little features like the ability to bookmark a URL to easily be able to go in and load the next 4 weeks of services of a particular service type and location.
NEW: People List BETA
The second BETA feature to release is the start of a rebuild of our People List. This makes a massive speed improvement for this page for churches with more than 5,000 members. Some churches should see page load times drop from 5+ minutes, to under 2 seconds. It also helps with sorting of special characters like Ö etc.
As always we worked on some bugs as well!
  • Fixed an issue in the Events list where clicking on sub-pages for an event would give a 404 error on mobiles
  • Fixed an issue with the Member area Financials view telling people the wrong information about how much was left to pay for Pledges
Behind the Scenes
We're continuing to work on improvements to Groups, such as getting the message board into the mobile app, as well as submitting group attendance via the app as well. Hopefully you'll see these in the coming few months.
We're also working on making the connections between our different products more streamlined and easy to setup.
More updates to come next week!
-- Stewart
CHMS - 14th June 2019
This week the ChMS developers have been mainly working on some behind-the-scenes changes that we hope you can see shortly.
This does unfortunately mean that I don't have exciting new features to share this week, but do have some good news about some bug fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with the system not showing the correct confirmation window when deleting an individual
  • Fixed an issue with the Member Area "Upcoming Events" widget displaying group meetings it shouldn't be
  • Fixed an issue with the Parents With Children search filter returning parents with inactive children
New Release Notes System
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This will allow us to have all our important communication in the one place, instead of spread across multiple platforms.
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