With Tithe.ly media. I am after a method to add Church staff so they can see the media files, but do not have access to anything else. If I add them as an Admin in Tithe.ly and do not select any of the Checkboxes, there are still areas of Tithe.ly they can access that I do not want them too. E.g, Add another site. It would also be nice to allow them to access the ChMS as an option, however, this functionality does not seem to exist without giving them access to financials and configuration information that they should not have access too.
My response from support "You are correct - at this time the admins will have access to other areas of Tithe.ly Giving."
So it appears that a lot of effort has gone into providing Media, however, cannot be used by the Church staff who need it as they cannot be granted access without having access to information and settings that they should be excluded from.
Can this please be corrected. Thanks