ChMS, 14th October - 2020
It's been too long since a ChMS Changelog entry was published. I apologise for that!
Beta Improvements
To start off with, we've made the following improvements to our existing BETA features:
  • Added the ability to select people using Checkboxes into the People BETA (To make way for future uses soon!)
  • Fixed an issue with dragging service plan items not saving correctly in the Edit Multiple Services BETA
New Features
We're pleased to announce the following new features have been released this week!
  • Added Auto Schedule onto Edit Multiple Services
  • Added new Songs related API Endpoints, allowing you to create Songs, arrangements and keys as desired
  • Added new "External Notes" field to the Financial Transactions API and import, which can be used to store external data such as transaction IDs from other systems
General Improvements
We've made some general improvements to the system this week, including:
  • Improved data sent in the People Flow webhook payload
  • Improved backend code for sending out Scheduled Report emails
Bug Fixes
In addition to the above news, we also fixed the following bugs:
  • Fixed an issue with assigned needs not showing the name of the member they were assigned to
  • Fixed an issue with scheduling service teams on in edit multiple services BETA incorrectly changing service team statuses
  • Fixed an issue with deleted access permissions causing account settings to be unable to be saved
  • Fixed an issue with event registration tickets not showing "Attended" status in exports
  • Fixed an issue with users being able to add people into groups they shouldn't be able to add into
  • Fixed an issue with the Group Finder not restricting correctly in certain situations
  • Fixed an issue with Group Message Board notifications having an invalid URL
  • Fixed an issue with Deleted group categories causing issues when saving groups details
  • Fixed an issue with certain users being unable to see their group meetings in the member area calendar
Until next time, which hopefully will be sooner, Stewart.