ChMS - 16th October, 2019
This week has been a little shorter as we've had some public holidays in the ChMS team, but we've still bee continuing our work as always.
Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes, we've been working on the following areas:
  • The backend for Group Messaging in the mobile app is now entirely completed. Next step is to add this into the mobile app!
  • Continued to work on getting Service Plan elements ready to be added into the Edit Multiple Services Beta
  • Continued work on allowing members to see groups that are open to joining
Stay tuned to hear more about these as part of a future update!
New Features
We're pleased to announce the following new features have been released this week!
  • Added ability to include %sender_name% to automated volunteer request email and sms
  • ICS Calendar Subscriptions now send through Image data for calendar apps that support this field
Bug Fixes
In addition to the above news, we also fixed the following bugs:
  • Fixed an issue with importing financial transactions where the account had an apostrophe in it's name
  • Fixed an issue with Auto-Schedule not handling "Weeks of Month" volunteering preferences correctly
  • Fixed an issue with password reset links not being sent correctly when requested from the mobile app
  • Fixed an issue with the list view of events sending people to the wrong event when clicking a page such as Registration or Invoices & Tickets
  • Fixed an issue with Javascript embedded calendars not displaying the time of events in the correct time format as per account settings
  • Fixed an issue with Group Categories allowing you to save reminder settings with 0 hour reminders