ChMS - 23rd Jan, 2020
First set of release notes for the year! This release shows a culmination of everything we've done over the holiday period and so far in this year.
There's a number of exciting things to come, so sit tight while we finish off exciting features like the rebuild of edit multiple services and our group member signup feature!
Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes, we've been working on the following areas:
  • Working on the ability to allow event registrants to make further payments after registering, if they only part paid to being with
Stay tuned to hear more about these as part of a future update!
New Features
We're pleased to announce the following new features have been released this week!
  • New option to disallow declining of scheduling requests, when swap and replace is enabled
  • When editing an event, added new options to quickly create a registration form for that event, or to duplicate an existing registration form and tie it all together quicker and easier
Bug Fixes
In addition to the above news, we also fixed the following bugs:
  • Fixed an issue with uploading certain DOCX files made on Macs
  • Fixed an issue with admins of people flow steps were not notified correctly when a person was added into the step unassigned
  • Fixed an issue with profile pictures not displaying in the mobile app
  • Fixed an issue with the sidebar duplicating data when loading a Batch
  • Fixed an issue with Archived children appearing in certain reports they shouldn't have been appearing in
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating groups
  • Fixed an issue with report categories displaying the wrong name