ChMS - 30th August, 2019
Due to myself being away last week, you get 2 weeks worth of ChMS updates all at once today!
General Improvements
We've made some general improvements to the system this week, including:
  • Google Maps text in Event Registration Forms will now always be visible, instead of being white text on white background
  • Improved how the menu appears on mobile devices in the Roster area
Bug Fixes
In addition to the above news, we also fixed the following bugs:
  • Fixed an issue preventing family members from updating other family member's addresses in "My Profile"
  • Fixed an issue with sending login details via email and SMS at the same time
  • Fixed an issue with groups page not searching for groups with ' in their name correctly
  • Fixed an issue where volunteers were unable to accept replace requests
  • Fixed an issue where older scheduling tools and auto-scheduling weren't looking at conflicts or unavailability correctly