ChMS - 6th Feb, 2020
This week has been both quick, and long. I'm so glad to say that we've been able to release our service planning component to the Edit Multiple Services BETA though, as that's something our developers have been working on to get done for quite a while now, and hopefully everyone enjoys that!
There's still work to be done in making certain aspects of it amazing, but we'll collect feedback and improve on it as needed.
We are also in the final stages of allowing people to make subsequent payments for event invoices, so that after they make their initial part payment (IE, a 20% deposit on camp registration) they can later view their invoice online, and pay the rest off as needed!
Beta Improvements
To start off with, we've made the following improvements to our existing BETA features:
  • Improved Drag Performance in Edit Multiple Services BETA
  • Introduced Service Planning and Songs into Edit Multiple Services BETA
General Improvements
We've made some general improvements to the system this week, including:
  • Activity logs in people profiles now show who added/removed them from a group
Bug Fixes
In addition to the above news, we also fixed the following bugs:
  • Fixed an issue with Location settings not allowing Canadian or UK style postcodes (or other styles that have spaces or hyphens in them)
  • Fixed an issue where certain users were unable to edit the series title of services