ChMS - 8th November, 2019
A week spent tackling some interesting bugs and facing some new challenges. We're almost finished working on the ability to have People Flows automatically assign step admins to people from form submissions and from other steps as needed.
New Features
We're pleased to announce the following new features have been released this week!
  • Added the ability to duplicate groups
  • Added the ability for primary/spouse in family to specify which family members to submit unavailability for
General Improvements
We've made some general improvements to the system this week, including:
  • Updated UI of Settings -> Account
Bug Fixes
In addition to the above news, we also fixed the following bugs:
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to mass manage songs
  • Fixed an issue with URLs ending with underscores not being shortened correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Settings -> Account not displaying the correct list of timezones