ChMS (Elvanto) Bug fixes!
Hello Elvanto Users!
Our team was able to tackle several bugs this past month!
All of the following bugs are now fixed!
  • Demographic progression was not saving for development-based demographics
  • Assets was not hiding some with location lockdown
  • Group roster was showing the same profile twice after merging duplicates
  • Selecting a payment method was not allowing the Batches report to run correctly
  • Custom fields: Checkboxes (can select many) was not logging correctly
  • Transaction amount not showing when exporting a standard report to a PDF
  • Errors were given when approving submissions while ‘disable invoices and tickets’ was selected
  • Unable to access ‘activity’ or ‘volunteering’ tabs when locked down to demographics
  • &#039 appearing in the form titles with apostrophes
  • Declining roster request wasn’t notifying the ‘reports to’ for the department
  • Error when automatically checking for conflicts when rostering for services (both single and EMS)
As always, if you have any questions or think you may be experiencing a bug in the system for our team to fix, please email with the details (with screenshots or screen recordings, please :).
Our small but mighty team is always happy to help!