ChMS (Elvanto) NEW- Conditional Form Fields, Submission Limits for Standard Forms, and Embeddable Group Finder!
The Elvanto team has been very busy these last couple of months with both new improvements to our existing features and several bug fixes!
New Improvements to our Forms and Group Finder
We are pleased to announce that we have two new improvements to our Forms area and one for our Group Finder!
They include the following:
Conditional Form Fields
- Instead of having the same set of questions for every layout, you can now have certain fields hidden unless a specific answer is given to make them visible!
Please refer to the new section about this in our existing article (which also has a video!): https://help.tithe.ly/en/articles/2426818-working-with-forms-how-to-create-and-edit-a-form
Submission Limits for Standard Forms
- Up until now, you were only able to set a limit of submissions by using a registration form, linking that form to an event, and setting a ticket limit. Now, there is a new setting on standard forms that will allow you to set a limit for submissions without having to use Events!
Please refer to the new section about this in our existing article: https://help.tithe.ly/en/articles/2426818-working-with-forms-how-to-create-and-edit-a-form
Embeddable Group Finder
- Lastly, up until now you could only make the Elvanto homepage accessible to Guests and refer them to Elvanto to use the Group Finder in the Elvanto website. Now if you visit your Group Finder settings, you will find iFrame code to embed directly onto a website!
Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 2
Please refer to the following articles for more information about how this iFrame code can be used to embed onto a website or app:
Bug Fixes
Our team has also fixed the following bugs:
  • Edit Multiple Services - song duration not listed when adding new song
  • Edit Multiple: Plan Items won't drag & drop
  • Apostrophe not holding in songs added to plan in new Edit Multiple Services
  • Archived people not included in People Category History report
  • Schedule Request Email not recording action (accept/decline request)
  • People Views not sorting by School Grade correctly on the initial load
  • Auto scheduling not working correctly on new Edit Multiple Services
  • Edit multiple services - can't copy items from service plan to another service
  • Batches not filtering by "other" payment methods
  • Family Contact Details field not exporting from reports based on account settings
  • Past and future expiry dates on reports exporting incorrectly
  • Apostrophes in Transaction entry Name search box display as HTML entity (')
Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at Tithe.ly at support@tithe.ly for any questions or help you need! We are always happy to assist you :)