Church Apps - February 2021
Church Apps
Improved Features
We're pleased to announce the following features have been released over the past several months!
Improved Features
  • Creating and Logging into your Church App Account
Here's how you can create and access your church app account
  • Accessing and Editing a User Account
Here is how you can access and edit a user account in the Church App
  • Accessing Your Giving Dashboard
Here is how you can access your giving dashboard in the Tithe.ly Church App
  • Persistent Data
When a user is listening to a weekly sermon, the user can start listening to a sermon, and if the user decides to stop the sermon midstream, they can return to the sermon and pick up where it was left off. The progress is saved across all devices where the app is installed.
Image from iOS (1)
Within the Sermon Player, it will look like this when you have left and returned to the app. The sermon that was last listened to displays at the top and includes the progress.
This also applies to Sermon Notes, any progress made in a Sermon Note is saved when the user exits the app. The user can pick up later on this device or any other device in which s/he is logged into with the user's personal app account, and the user will see the previous progress.
Image from iOS (1) (1)
  • Connecting All Your Tithely Products with One Login
Here's how you can connect all of your Tithe.ly products with Single Sign On
  • New Apps Dashboard - Global Menu
Here's an overview of the Church Apps global menu
  • How to Turn-off / Turn-on Login Notification
Here is how you can turn on or off the login notification
Bug Fixes
Newsfeed - Android Showing a White Space When Image cannot be displayed
Sermons - Sermon Date on Android is One Day Off
Android - Settings and Inbox Icons Disappear When Clicking Back Button
Slideout Cards - Images not Appearing Correctly on Android
Blogs - sharing Blog Posts Results in Error on Android
Android - Prayer Wall Banner Covers Title Field
Integrations - Instagram not Working in Newsfeed
Integrations - Facebook Integration Giving 403 Error
Integrations - Vimeo Videos are not Playing for Some Users
Integrations - ChMS Calendar Showing Error when Adding iCal Feed
Notes - Emailed Note are not Being Sent
Thumbnail Layout Not Responsive
Creating New Sermon Series Results in Error
App Pages - Links Set to External Within an App Page Open In-App
Dash Feeds Pages Crashing Bug (40778)
iPad - App Crashing When Clicking on Sermon Notes and Blog Sections
Prayer Wall - Emails to Approve Requests are Not Being Sent