Church Apps - October 16th, 2019
Church Apps
Over the last week, we have rolled out updates for iOS (v4.4.23) and Android (v4.11.12) which primarily contain bug fixes (most are for changes within iOS 13 which are marked below as specifically for iOS 13). The updates also contain some big upcoming features that we are building into Church Apps which you will be hearing about over the coming weeks.
Android - Corrected an issue with linking to native app areas from webpages.
iOS - Added additional stability to the Prayer Wall when the poster's name has odd leading or trailing spacing.
iOS - The iPhone tab bar was picking up iPad styling. This has been corrected (iOS 13).
iOS - The iPhone mini-player was not displaying correctly (iOS 13).
iOS - A small change has been made to push notifications to improve stability (iOS 13).
iOS - Accounts for changes to how location services function on iOS with the new "Allow Once" option (iOS 13).
iOS - Account for changes to how the iPad tab bar frame is handled when the mini-player shows (iOS 13).
iOS - Bible navigation has been updated (iOS 13).
iOS - Thumbnails for events will display correctly on iPad when there is a mixture of events with and without thumbnails.