Church Apps - September 17th, 2019
Church Apps
Core Platform Changes
  • Improves how we parse feeds, adding extra stability for cases where broken html is passed to the platform.
  • App Pages now support special characters. This was a major fix since languages other than English almost always had issues, and even English was an issue when using common characters like apostrophes.
  • An issues with scheduled notifications has been corrected. The issue occurred when a scheduled notification was set to send on multiple dates. Previous to this update, due to a bug, only the first notification was sending and notifications for all later dates would not send.
  • Adds support for a number of unannounced features that we are excited to announce next month.
Visual Dashboard Changes
  • Nearly our entire dashboard has been updated with new styling to give it a cleaner look.
  • When a login attempt fails, the failure message is now not repeated twice.