Exciting News! We just updated our Unsubscribe report so that you can understand why people unsubscribe from your church’s emails.
What’s New:
  • Existing Unsubscribe Report has a new “Reasons” column
  • New popup when members unsubscribe from either general or scheduling emails
  • New dropdown in their “Communication Preferences” when they unsubscribe from emails or SMS
  • [Note: no reasons are asked for when customers reply STOP from a text via a third party SMS provider set up in Elvanto]
Now when people go to unsubscribe from your email communication, we will prompt them with a list of reasons for unsubscribing. You can then access this data by heading to the existing Unsubscribe report where a newly added column shows the reason each person unsubscribed.
Understanding why people unsubscribe from your emails will help continually shape and improve your church’s communication strategy! It can help you understand if you are sending too many emails. Or it can help you keep your member database up-to-date by understanding who is no longer attending your church. For more questions about the Unsubscribe report, check out this article!