Even when Admin Batch Giving is responding quickly, it is more time-consuming than this simple data entry task should be:
Donor Information - it's good it has memory and pulls up the giver, but the need for the fields to enter information for new givers is not necessary for the majority of my entries. I've used systems where all entries for a donation are on one line and things move very quickly. Is there a way to direct us to the additional input only when the system doesn't recognize the person?
Donations Details:
Credit Card/Check/Etc - it would be great if it repeated the last type of entry because I generally only do manual entry for gifts by check, and selecting that from the drop down for each separate entry is inefficient.
Giving Type/Fund - I'd like to be able to sort funds since most entries are from the same 1-3 funds but the dropdown list contains many more and that's also time-consuming to scroll down to find the correct one.
Gift Date - also, if you could retain the date from the last entry until I choose to change it that would be faster. Often you are entering a batch of donations that all have the same date and clicking open the calendar each time is annoying.