We are finding the need for better control of our "small groups". At present a group is either active or archived. We use the Elvanto Groups plugin for WP to display these on the website.
We find there are groups with various status types and tracking this is very cumbersome or impossible:
  • Closed (but not to be archived)
  • Pending review
  • Ending soon
  • Full (group still runs, but can't take any more)
  • Other (customisable)
We could use end dates to indicate some form of status for a group, but this is not clear and is not displayed in the list of groups.
Request is for a configurable status field (with or without a note). This status can be visible in the list of groups, searchable and accessible via reports.
We can then start to use this internally and externally. For example we can further modify the web plugin to disallow registrations to join the group, or indicate that it is nearly full or starting soon or any kind of useful message. Internal reports would be much better.
Also PLEASE can we have the names of the Leader and Assistant Leader visible in the list of groups? I know this is a request elsewhere from a long time ago.