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Comprehensive Activity Logging
I feel the existing activity logging is not comprehensive enough to allow good audit trail of people. I would like to see almost every worthwhile activity listed, potentially managed by access permissions if some of it is sensitive or should be handled only by specific admins. An example of logging that would be extremely helpful would be an audit trail of service schedule. At present this is a live status snapshot, showing roster items that are unconfirmed or confirmed. A few issues here: These are displayed in separate lists Upcoming Service Schedule and Past Service Schedule are not displayed by default, meaning an admin needs to enable them 'per person' They only show the activity as it is now As a service scheduler, I would like to see if the person declined a position and I would like this to remain in the lists. This would help with understanding the scheduling history of a person. If there is any reason for declining, I would also like to know this. Another similar logged feature would be a list of the person's upcoming unavailability. Yes we can view this in the Unavailability view of People, but this is not necessarily great for workflow. Another massive potential use for Activity would be to list exactly what a person has access to: Forms, Reports, Reports To, and any other notifications or systems: https://tithely.canny.io/chms-feature-requests/p/functional-assignments-to-departments It would also be extremely useful to be able to filter and search for specific items, types of reporting. There is so much opportunity for an activity dashboard.
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