I find that the fields in my People Categories are growing as I introduce custom fields for Clearances (Working With Children Checks  etc), Camp activities etc.  I'm also finding that it is very time consuming applying the People Category Access and Global Access settings as this is per field, for example to limit access to Health information.  I would find it helpful if the following functionality was introduced:


People Category Sections: Specify a section that can group associated fields such as Health or Clearance.  People Category Access and Global Access settings can then be applied to all fields within the section.  A section can be deleted from a profile and appear under the Edit Layout so it can be dragged back in to another profile as a whole.


People Category Tabs: Allow custom tabs to be created and placed in any order with the other tabs.  For example you could have the following tabs in a persons profile: "Edit", "Clearances", "Health" etc.  This would allow easy access to data rather than scrolling in boredom to find the relevant custom field under the current "Edit" tab.